Mics / Headsets

  1. SM13M1

    Hytera RMS (SM131M1)

    Hytera Remote speaker microphone (IP55, volume control high/low)

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  2. EAM12

    Hytera Earbud acoustic tube (EAM12)

    Hytera Earbud acoustic tube (on-mic PTT, acoustic tube).

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  3. SM27W1

    Hytera Wireless RMS (SM27W1)

    The SM27W1 wireless speaker-microphone gives you increased flexibility for the Hytera DMR mobile radios. With no annoying cables to get in the way, you can communicate normally and even control your MD655/MD655G or MD785/MD785G remotely to select channels or adjust the volume. You can be up to ten meters away from your radio device.

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