1. RD625

    Hytera RD625

    Compact and light indoor repeater RD625 is a new addition to Hytera’s migration products. The innovative design allows easy wall-mount installation with AC/DC power. DR625 is a dual, analogue/digital repeater with embedded mini duplexer and power supply.

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  2. RD965

    Hytera RD965

    RD965 is Hytera’s first digital/analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is fairly wieldy.

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  3. RD985

    Hytera RD985

    Smart Digital-Analog Switch This repeater supports digital and analog modes. It can smartly select the right one based on the type of received signal, allowing you to enjoy digital delights with ease.

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