IP Advanced Radio

  1. Icom IP Advanced Radio

    Icom IP Advanced Radio System

    Icom's new innovative IP advanced radio system provides the ability to contact any member of your staff at any time utilising an existing or new IP/WLAN network. The WLAN based system offers a scalable license-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure, infrastructures that in many cases, may already be in place.

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  2. AP-90M

    Icom Wireless LAN Access Point (AP-90M)

    This unit can be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands with a built-in high security standard for encryption. The access point is equipped with various features such as load balancing, packet filters, and support for PoE function. The entire functionality of the system can be monitored using the software RS-AP3. 

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  3. IC1000P

    Icom IP Advanced Radio System Controller (IP1000C)

    The IP1000C can also communicate with third-party manufacturers' wireless access points allowing great flexibility. It is capable of controlling up to 100 (depending on version) terminals including the IP100FS IP based PC dispatcher.


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  4. IP100FS

    Icom IP Advanced Radio PC Dispatcher (IP100FS)

    The IP100FS is an IP based PC dispatcher that also serves as an additional radio on your network. It handles all types of calls such as individual call, group call or text messagig. Messages can be sent as free text or predefined status messaging. The program also has a map feature where you can see the radio stations that are connected to each access point.

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  5. IP100H

    Icom IP Communication Radio/Handset (IP100H)

    The IP100H acts as a wireless network radio. Everyone in your group can hear and talk with the rest of the group using the Icom IP1000C server connected to the wireless network. Individual calls are also possible as well as full duplex calls (like a regular phone call). The radio can also move freely within the wireless network. Coverage for your radio system can be easily expanded by adding further access points.

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  6. VE-PG3

    Icom Voice communication over IP (VE-PG3)

    With the VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with an IP phone, analogue transceiver and IDAS™ NXDN™ digital transceiver. When used with an IP phone system, the IP100H can be used as a phone handset for making internal or external calls.

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