Commercial Marine Radio

  1. Icom IC-F61M

    Icom IC-F61M

    The IC-F61M maritime UHF onboard handheld transceiver is the first purpose-designed onboard UHF radio which satisfies all the legal requirements of the onboard UHF specification ETS 300 720-1.

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  2. GM1600E

    Icom IC-GM1600E

    The IC-GM1600E Marine VHF handheld has been designed for GMDSS compliant survival craft communications. The radio is engineered to survive and function in the extreme environmental conditions common in marine emergencies and brings the latest Search and Rescue technology to the marketplace.

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  3. IC-M87 Atex

    Icom IC-M87 (Atex Version)

    The IC-M87 ATEX version conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. This version is suitable for use in hazardous areas on land and at sea such as oil rigs, petrol tankers, etc. This version has a built-in voice scrambler with 32 codes for private transmission. The IC-M87 meets the needs of business and industry users who need a waterproof marine radio and simple PMR radio.

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  4. Black Box VHF

    Black Box VHF Dual Station

    Icom UK have put together a dual station package for boat owners and skippers who want to streamline their onboard communications. The system is composed of the Icom IC-M400BB black box VHF/DSC, Commandmic Interface made here at Icom UK and two Icom Commandmics, allowing two communication positions onboard.

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  5. Icom IC-F5022M

    Icom IC-F5022M

    The IC-F5022M marine base station is perfect for any organisations that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore.

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  6. Icom IC-F5022M

    Icom IC-F5022M Battery Backup Version

    The Battery Backup version of Icom's IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is ideal for any maritime organisation that is reliant on continual VHF Marine radio communications.

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