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Security guard with radio headset


At NRC Radio our 2-way radio solutions make it simple, convenient and cost-effective for participants of any Pubwatch scheme to stay in close, constant contact.

Instant contact for pubs, clubs and bars in Liverpool and across Merseyside

Anti-social behaviour and nightlife sadly go hand in hand. It goes without saying that police forces, local authorities, businesses and residents alike are all keen to see an end to it, and there are few better ways to ensure this than by establishing a Pubwatch Scheme.

But a successful Pubwatch scheme is dependent on communication. You need to be in instant contact with fellow Pubwatch members – often in areas where cellular signals are typically poor – the moment trouble arises. NRC Radio makes this possible.

How NRC Radio’s 2-way radio system make your Pubwatch scheme a success

1. We will supply all members with the 2-way radios that their employees require
2. We are on hand 24/7 for maintenance and technical support
3. We help members to contact one another rapidly, reliably, with minimal interference, whenever they need to
4. Send a warning, to everybody on the link, of potential problem activity, tracking any potential threats to individuals
5. Combat property damage, theft and anti-social behaviour
6. Cost-effective communication that saves you money in the long run and protects your staff and customers


Merseyside’s leaders in quality communication on-the-go

Selection of walkie talkies

Whether you are the owner of a nightclub, a pub, a travel company or a logistics provider, we have the 2-way radio and PoC products you need to maintain quality, uninterrupted communications.

NRC Radios Production Factory

When you need our support, we’re there for you. Our qualified, well-trained engineers are available over the phone and on-site with 24-hour support, 7 days a week.

Don’t get your Pubwatch scheme underway without the right 2-way radio system in place.

CALL NOW ON 0800 195 5919

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