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Push to talk over cellular systems are the future – rapidly replacing 2-way radio systems. Make your move to DigiPoC today and ensure your Liverpool or Merseyside-based business stays at the forefront of communications, wherever you are.

Push to Talk Over Cellular, the future of communications

Harnessing the myriad advantages of cellular data over radio waves our PoC product DigiX Horizon provides better-than-ever-before communication with higher-quality audio and zero interference.

Did you know that network providers give priority access to PoC users over simple mobile telephones? So that, even in densely populated areas with typically low radio bandwidth, you still get faster, better-quality communications.

DigiX Horizon works brilliantly even in weak-cellular-signal areas

You’re probably thinking that PoCs will only work in big cities where the cellular signals are strong, but this isn’t the case.

Now that the Emergency Services have made the switch to PTT, EE (the firm who won the Emergency Services’ contract), has been extending their network to all areas of the UK. So, your cellular push-to-talk device will work anywhere in the UK where there is an internet signal.


Ultimate connectivity using all the benefits of cellular data

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…connectivity capabilities that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and 4GLTE. That means you will simply not find a PMR that can compete when it comes to reliability or usability.

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Problem with your cellular push-to-call or 2-way radio system? Our expert engineers are on hand to get you back up and running, 24 hours a day. No more lengthy and frustrating periods of downtime.

Contact NRC Radio to ask about our DigiX Horizon cellular push-to-talk solution.

CALL NOW ON 0800 195 5919

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