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Comfortably and confidently track all aspects of your business, from fleet management to vehicle and trailer tracking, all the way to asset and plant tracking. Ideal for Liverpool and Merseyside logistics and transport companies all over the UK.

Realtime tracking of every aspect of your business

Stay in complete control of your logistics operations with our DigiTrack vehicle tracking system, which provides you with real-time visibility of where your company vehicles are – at any time of the day.

This to-the-minute knowledge of your business allows you to plan, strategise and communicate effectively, keeping customers in the loop and helping to make your service more efficient in the future.

Outstanding vehicle tracking performance that provides you with a wealth of key data and information.

You’ll not only be able to see the location of any of your vehicles, but you’ll have access to real-time updates on driving behaviour. You can even adjust the frequency of your updates, replay activity from previous journeys and keep a constant eye on the traffic.

Our advanced services can even offer telemetry data, where you can check whether refrigerator doors have been opened, their temperatures and other important information. By knowing driver locations at all times, you can reroute or reassign drivers’ commands instantly, helping you constantly readapt to your business needs.



We refuse to be beaten on price or service quality

Selection of walkie talkies

Our DigiX and DigiX Horizon are a driving force in push-to-talk communication solutions today. What’s more, we are suppliers of a variety of leading equipment manufacturers such as Kenwood, Motorola and Hytera.

Multitester tool on electronic scheme diagram

We know you can’t afford to undergo lengthy periods of downtime. That’s why we have a vast array of spare parts in stock at all times – and provide fast turnarounds on servicing and repairs.

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