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NRC Radio is a multi-sector service, offering high-quality communications equipment to numerous industries. We serve clients locally in Liverpool and Merseyside, and can boast nationwide reach.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Security is just one of the many responsibilities of schools, colleges and universities and you will undoubtedly already have a number of measures in place to keep students, staff and visitors safe, such as CCTV, fencing, and door codes. All are key components, but quality communications is what will bring them all together. That is where two way radio comes in.

Using two radio communication is a fast, reliable and effective way to:

  • Facilitate instant communication between staff

  • Broadcast calls in cases of emergency

  • Contact individuals or groups 

  • Comply with stringent health and safety regulations

  • Coordinate students and staff at events and on field trips

  • Manage school security and access

  • Enhance grounds and building maintenance 

  • Maintain social distancing

Radios are ideal for enhancing health and safety, but they’re also a great tool for assisting with the day-to-day running of any school. Whether it’s for teachers, janitors or management teams, they have proven to be a great asset.

While mobile phones are often the obvious option for fast communication, radio use in education is often far more beneficial than mobile. Some key advantages are:

  • Direct connectivity, no delay or hanging on for a connection to be launched.

  • Consistency: radios don’t suffer from coverage or network concerns.

  • Press to talk, release to listen.

  • Radios have better protection against water (some radios have IP ratings that make them almost totally waterproof) dust or vibration.

  • Tough build design, makes radios substantially less prone to damage from drops and poor handling.

  • Multiple tasks, you are able to communicate with numerous operatives simultaneously.

  • No call credit.


Two way radios as tough as the job

In security, health and safety is absolutely paramount. Every day, people around the world rely on security teams for protection without even realising it. As such, devices which are as tough as the job that enable fast, efficient communication with crystal clear audio are absolutely critical. Our professional team can and will help you find the right solution.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

• Communicate with staff in real-time

• Report suspicious activity

• Manage and co-ordinate individuals or groups

• Instantly locate staff 

Quickly respond to incidents and emergencies

• Improve health and safety

• Manage venue capacity

With instant, clear communication, it goes without saying how important radios are for security. Two-way radios and additional accessories such as earpieces are essential tools of the job when it comes to security. With situations often being serious and, in some cases, dangerous, reliable communication is a must.

Radio communications have evolved over the years, with digital radio options being used much more than traditional analogue walkie-talkies. The boost in operational range and network capacity has boosted the running of security operations in every sense.

Management teams are now able to instantly communicate with specific security teams to provide quick information when it’s needed most. Built-in monitoring software also helps to keep staff safe, such as lone worker and man down alerts.

Here at NRC, we understand that radios for security massively help prevent shoplifting and anti-social behaviour. As a vital key in the running of security operations, it’s important you choose one with the right specifications.  Depending on what system you decide on, some benefits you can expect include:

Long Battery Life – We know that security staff can often work all through the night, meaning a long battery life is a necessity. Many of our radios have a battery life that can last an entire day.

Clear audio – If you choose one of our digital radios, you can be certain there’ll be no reduced audio quality, even in noisy environments.

Large Coverage – If you’re using radios for security across a large site, you’re going to need good coverage. Our licensed digital radios provide clear audio over wide site areas.

Location Tracking – Many of our radios come with location tracking, a great tool for helping keep your security staff safe; as well as checking where team members are.

We have a wide range of two-way radios perfect for those working in security. For more information on any of our products get in touch, or explore our radio range here!

Sports and Leisure

The champion of communication

NRC has a wealth of experience delivering robust, reliable and high quality two way radio solutions to leisure facilities such as gyms, fitness centres, sports centres, swimming pools, golf courses and holiday parks.

Staff in sport and leisure often work alone and/or are unable to leave their post for the safety of others around such as lifeguards and swimming pool attendants. So, when you need to communicate with a member of the team, a handheld two way radio with PTT (Push to Talk) gives you a quick and effective means of getting your message heard.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

Instantly communicate with individuals or groups
Quickly address customer queries and issues
Manage incidents and emergencies
Meet stringent health and safety requirements 
Locate lone workers
Connect staff and improve productivity

Two way radio is the heavyweight champion of communication. It can bring multiple benefits to your sports or leisure facility and you don’t have to make a big investment in expensive equipment and training to realise these benefits.

Water protection – Two way radio which keeps working even after being submerged in water

Reliable coverage – Instant communication with uninterrupted signal coverage however large the site.
Extended battery life – Up to 30 hours' battery life from a single charge

Clear audio – Every walkie talkie in our DigiX range has undergone extensive checks for excellent audio quality.

Push to talk - Instant 1:1 or group communication at the touch of a button.

Adventure Parks

Concerts, fairs, museums, amusement parks, sports events, and conventions are busy places and need two-way radios to manage everything that is going on. But which two-way radio is the best one for your needs?

Events, conventions, theme parks, and similar venues have common requirements.  First, they are large areas, with big crowds, and lots of noise. Coordination of team members is a must, and of course, security is always a key issue making two-way radios essential.

You need a radio that will perform well both indoors and outdoors, so we recommend UHF radios.  You also want to make sure the radio has a strong signal to penetrate structures and keep everyone in communication range, so we recommend 4 or 5 watt radios. 

Running a zoo, aquarium, or water park?  You might want to consider waterproof radios. Also, you want to make sure the audio is loud enough to be heard over all those noisy crowds. And for museums, they must also be usable in quiet areas, having whisper mode might be good.


Mitigate the Dangers of Farming with Two Way Radio

When it comes to communication, the farming and agriculture sector certainly presents its challenges to workers: dangerous and loud machinery or vehicles, unpredictable livestock, teams spread out over large geographical areas, working outdoors in all weathers. Two way radio systems are used widely in farming because they help to mitigate many of the challenges in the industry.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

  • Stay in contact over a large geographical area

  • Maintain reliable coverage despite rough terrain and farm buildings

  • Locate staff quickly

  • Prioritise worker safety

  • Monitor lone workers

  • Respond quickly to any incidents or emergencies

  • Co-ordinate people, livestock and supplies


The Road to Effective Communication

Whether it is people or assets being transported, businesses in the transport and logistics sector must meet strict deadline and delivery demands. Meeting those demands requires reliable and clear communication throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse through to the point of delivery.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

  • Meet deadline and delivery demands

  • Assist with the movement of people or assets

  • Ensure worker safety

  • Locate staff and vehicles

  • Connect the supply chain

  • Protect drivers


Maximise Productivity on Your Production Lines

NRC helps industry and manufacturing businesses to work smarter, not harder through effective two way radio communication solutions. We will show you what good looks like and then help you to maintain it. Our two-way radio equipment is available to purchase or hire and we are always contactable if you should experience a problem. Our priority is ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

  • Increase staff productivity

  • Create a safer working environment

  • Communicate clearly despite background noise

  • Enhance health and safety

  • Connect teams across different buildings

  • Quickly respond to emergencies

  • Coordination of supplies and people 

  • Meeting deadline and delivery demands


Safety First - with no barrier to communication

Plant managers, supervisors and the general workforce within the manufacturing sector need effective communications between the manufacturing plants, warehouses and supply chain. And it’s not just about coordinating the workforce and facilitating which activities are required: 2-way radios also keep workers safe.

Two-way radios benefit the manufacturing industry in a variety of ways. 

  • Instant comms means critical messages are sent and received in real time

  • Ensures worker safety, including a fast response to injury or accident

  • Waterproof and dustproof

  • Long battery life means your radio will stay charged throughout the average shift

  • Plants can be noisy environments. 2-way radios have noise-cancellation technology

  • Lone worker and man-down features further assist with safety, security and incident response


The Communication Staple Every Retailer Needs

Whether you need to quickly respond to a customer query, call for a "clean-up on aisle five" or alert a first aider to an in-store emergency, two way radio allows your teams to make the most of their time, to assist customers quickly and efficiently and to maintain health and safety.

In the retail sector, two way radio communications are a great way to: 

  • Maintain social distancing 

  • Improve floor management 

  • Check product availability without leaving the floor

  • Check product prices 

  • Keep security informed of suspicious activity 

  • Respond to incidents and emergencies

  • Alert cleaners to any spills 

  • Increase the speed of click & collect

Two-way radios are used in a wide range of sectors, in particular, the retail industry. Radios provide retailers with fast communication between warehouses, security teams, management and staff members. Radios in the retail industry not only allows for easy communication, but it also improves customer experience by cutting down waiting time.

Whilst improved customer experience is a great factor in the use of two-way radio systems, it’s arguably not the most important. The use of radios in the retail industry increases safety by allowing staff to easily contact security teams at the touch of a button to inform them of any shoplifting or anti-social behaviour.

In a busy environment, strong communication is vital, making quality two-way radios a necessity. A licence free radio is a suitable, cost-effective solution for retail.


The Power Tool of Communication

Two way radio is the best power tool for safety, job coordination and productivity. Whatever the size of the site and the complexity of the project, the correct two way communications solution makes a big difference to the time and costs involved in bringing a project to completion.

Two way radio communications can assist with:

  • Live and instant communication

  • Ground to crane communications

  • Personnel and supplies coordination

  • Perimeter security

  • Emergency and incident management

  • Meeting stringent Health & Safety requirements

Two-way radios in the construction industry are not only essential for increasing productivity, but also for ensuring all workers are kept safe.

As leading radio experts, we understand that instant communication between all members and staff and management teams is of the utmost importance. With over thirty years of experience in the radio industry, you can be certain that we’ll be able to find you a radio specific to your needs.

Essential features of radios in the construction industry:

  • Good quality voice clarity for noisy places on construction site

  • Strong, wide radio coverage for larger construction sites

  • Rugged design to withstand water and dust

Our team of radio experts is always available to chat to answer any questions you may have about finding the best radio system for your construction site. We also supply a wide range of accessories to ensure you’re getting the most out of your two-way radios. Don’t want to commit to buying? No problem! All our radios are available for short or long-term hire, depending on your requirements.


The Five Star Hotel of Communication

In hotels and hospitality, it is the behind-the-scenes and frequent interaction between staff that ensures guest satisfaction and safety. With an increasing need for businesses in the hospitality industry to provide outstanding customer service, in order to outperform competitors and keep customers returning, a professional two way radio solution is a necessity. It will ensure seamless and integrated communication between all staff: from reception to housekeeping to security.

In the hospitality sector, two way radio communications are a fast, reliable and effective way to:

  • Resolve customer issues or queries quickly

  • Check work order status

  • Safeguard guest security

  • Boost operating efficiency

  • Elevate the guest experience

  • Handle emergency situations

Two-way radios have proved to be a great asset to many sectors, in particular the hospitality industry. Radios offer clear and discreet communication between kitchen and front-of-house staff across large venues without any issues. The use of two-way radios in the hospitality industry has also shown to reduce stress in particularly during busy times. For example, suppose a customer has asked for a particular dish and you’re worried you may be running low. Don’t waste time going to the kitchen staff and having to return to your customers, simply use a walkie talkie and get an instant answer.

Benefits of using radios in the hospitality industry

  • Stock control – radios make it simple for members of staff to get in touch with each other and get any stock updates

  • Communication – a seemingly obvious point, yes, but you can actually set up your own radio channel so you can contact a certain group of staff when you need to.

  • Cost – radio communications are of course much cheaper than using other communication methods such as mobile phones. Radios often also provide a clearer service than a mobile.


Lives Depend On Effective Communication

A dependable two way radio solution is critical for hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and other healthcare facilities that want to provide optimal safety and security for patients, staff and visitors.

Two way radio communications can assist with:

  • Accountability and productivity

  • Health and safety

  • Incident reporting and management

  • Fast response times and clear communication

  • Crisis prevention and management

  • Industry compliance


Communication Is The Order Of The Day

Communication is one of the most important tools in the warehousing sector. Whatever your day-to-day operations entail, keeping your workers connected can help to streamline your processes and optimise your productivity. Having the right communication system in place can make a huge difference when it comes to your efficiency and profit margins. 

Two way radio communications can help you:

  • Keep workers connected

  • Respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently

  • Improve efficiency

  • Streamline and automate processes

  • Co-ordinate personnel and supplies

  • Manage incident and emergency response

  • Comply with health and safety regulations

Over time, radio communications have become a key component in the warehousing industry, helping with improving efficiency amongst workers and increasing customer satisfaction.

As leading radio experts in the north-west, we understand that easy communication in the warehousing industry between managers, floor staff, purchasing and sales teams is crucial to keeping production lines moving and ensuring stock inventory is accurate.

We know warehouses can be huge spaces with employees spread all over the place, making good communications essential not only to operations but also to the safety of staff.

Here are some noteworthy points on how radios are an asset to the warehousing industry:

  • Man Down feature will alert others if someone is in danger

  • Great clarity on radio transmissions making for quality communications

  • Call a team, individual or entire group at the touch of a button

Here at NRC, we stock a wide range of two-way radios which are ideal for use in the warehousing industry. If you think your warehousing operations could be improved by the use of our radio systems get in touch today.

Our team of radio experts is always available to chat to answer any questions you may have about finding the best radio system for your construction site. We also supply a wide range of accessories to ensure you’re getting the most out of your two-way radios. Don’t want to commit to buying? No problem! All our radios are available for short or long-term hire, depending on your requirements.

Power Utilities

Meeting the oftentimes challenging needs of this diverse sector

The utilities and power industries can be complex environments – and this complexity and diversity necessitates effective, instant communications that help managers, supervisors and on-the-ground staff keep pace with the changes and respond to directives as promptly as possible. Our 2-way radio solutions serve as lifelines to wind farms, coal-fired power stations, water treatment plants and many more environments.

Benefits include:

  • Long battery life

  • Man-down functionality for added safety

  • Hearing protection options

  • Clear, uninterrupted communications

Ports and docks

Ensuring operational efficiency in the shipping industry

2- way radios can be immensely helpful to the global economy of shipping, of which ports and docks are a key player. With the vast number of shipping containers housed at seaports, and the need for effective logistics always in play (not to mention the tightest levels of health and safety) the need for rapid, clearly delivered communication is evident.

With long battery lives, man-down functionality and no roaming charges, 2-way radios are vital in managing the flow of cargo and keeping security and safety under control.

Multi-sector radio communications, made possible by the expert team at NRC Radio in Liverpool, Merseyside

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