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DigiPOOL is your one-stop solution for instant, secure communication - across multiple sites - spanning a wide coverage area. Perfect for mobile businesses in Liverpool and all across Merseyside.

Fleet radio solutions that keep you connected over long distances. Instantly and securely

Maintaining effective, reliable communication is a challenge for companies who are constantly on the go. The same applies for business networks whose sites could be spaced across multiple counties – spanning large distances. Maintaining clear, uninterrupted, secure communication at an affordable price can be notoriously difficult.

DigiPOOL, which comes courtesy of NRC Radio, is the perfect comms. solution for logistics companies, bus and coach companies, security firms, couriers and many, many more mobile businesses up and down the UK.

At the push of a button DigiPOOL will select a channel to be used without waiting times or delays. What’s more: communication is clear and uninterrupted with secure channels to prevent third-party monitoring.

Used by countless sectors in Merseyside and nationwide

The DigiPOOL wide-area radio system is utilised to great effect by a multitude of companies spanning numerous sectors. Examples include bus, security, construction, courier, and transport companies, in addition to Mersey-based wind farms.

One organisation who exemplify just how effective the DigiPOOL system can be, are the Tunnels Police, who rely on our secure and instant integrated through-tunnel communications network, 24 hours a day!


One-stop communications solutions

Selection of walkie talkies

We are radio-product suppliers to numerous brands including Motorola and Kenwood. Our DigiX product is widely used all over the UK!

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Need the support of our engineers? You’ve got it. 24 hours a day with fast, decisive responses assured, whatever the issue.

For long-distance fleet radio solutions in Merseyside

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